Sydenham Baptist Church
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Youth and Young Adults

Youth Group

youthgirls2We have an awesome youth group program!!

We have small groups specifically for youth, and exciting social events, plus a monthly youth worship service.

Our youth program is specifically shaped and tailored for modern youth in a constantly changing world.  So we provide a place for them to come and have a sense of belonging, while they can access mentoring and advice whenever they need it.  At the same time, it is just fun - say no more!!

Young Adults

Young adults face a unique set of challenges, and we have a great program of small groups, worship services, and social events, where they can get the peer networking and support they need, but that also provides them the opportunity to exercise leadership and start mentoring others themselves.

Our young adults program is tailored for people around university age, and is a fantastic way for a young person to start their journey in adulthood.

Schools Ministry

Paulina, our Youth Pastor, heads up several important ministries in our local schools.

She spends a lot of time in the schools, mentoring young people, and helping them as they with all the different issues that young people have to grapple with in our modern world.

She also runs a breakfast club twice a week, as well as a lunchtime activities program for those that are looking for something to do during the lunch break at school.