Sydenham Baptist Church
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Sharing God's love with our world... communication - evangelism - conversion - transformation

A growing relationship with God... worship - prayer - spiritual development - applying Biblical principles - celebration

A loving and accepting community... welcomming - fellowship - belonging - caring - encouraging

Growing to be like Jesus Christ... God's word - discipleship - spiritual gifts - education - spiritual growth - training

Serving Jesus in our world... compassion - ministry - service - mission - reaching out


To live out these values, we resolved to make it our mission as a church to equip people to be committed followers of Jesus Christ.


In 2010, we adopted a 5-year Mission and Ministry Plan.

By 2015 we wanted to see the following vision realised...

...engaging our world with the truth of God's love, shown clearly through Jesus Christ. a community where all are learning to be committed followers of Jesus Christ.  Faith is nurtured and grown, spiritual gifts are expressed and people empowered for ministry and mission.

...worshipping God through a variety of expressions.  These will be relevant, welcoming, and life related. a community where small gruops are a vital part; where welcome, acceptance, care, learning, fellowship and love are experienced.

...representing the compassion, justice, healing power and servant heart of Jesus Christ; by responding to the needy people in our world.

...with the responsibility to effectively manage facilities and financial resources; and with an administrative and staffing structure that is innovative, flexible and efficient: to enable our vision and mission to be achieved.