Sydenham Baptist Church
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Small Groups are such an amazing and important part of our church life!  In small groups, we see people encouraging each other, and peer discipleship becomes so effective in this environment.  Something special happens when groups meet regularly in the relaxed atmosphere of a person's home.  Wonderful bonds are made, and friends grow to be able to support each other in times of need.

Jesus understood the importance of a Small Group; He worked with Small Groups during His ministry while on earth. First, He chose 12 disciples, and then He went even smaller with a group of three: Peter, James and John.

We see our Church as a community where Small Groups are a vital part; where welcome acceptance, fellowship and love are experienced.

We have lots of different types of Small Groups meeting on almost every day/night of the week.  So whatever your availability is, we should be able to place you with a group of people who will help build your faith as you pray together, and very often give practical care and help to each other.