Sydenham Baptist Church
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Sometimes a bloke just needs to get away from it all and spend a bit of time with some other blokes.  It's that simple!

We understand that you have so many pressures on you that the last thing you want is another meeting you have to attend -- even if it is really good for you!!  That's why we have designed our men's ministry to give men what they really need, without all the stuff they really don't!!

The Bible also tells us that when good men get together with other good men, they automatically sharpen and build each other's character and lives.  So we have designed a program that simply gets men together!!  As men spend time with each other, doing things they love and enjoy, the Holy Spirit will be there guiding and shaping our hearts.

We have all kinds of different events, because we know men enjoy different kinds of things.

So, whether you are into watching sports on tv with a few mates, going camping on weekends, catching up for dinner or a quick lunch in a restaurant in the middle of the week - or simply praying with a few committed guys... whatever you enjoy, it can be done in a way that is fun, re-energising, and in a way that builds your faith and character at the same time.