Sydenham Baptist Church
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We are increasingly involved in the local community, serving where there is need, and helping make families and our community stronger.

All of our internal church ministries are open to the public, and many of them are helping people through times of difficulty, and helping people grow stronger.  Feel free to browse our church ministries to see if any of them could be helpful to you.

Also, our pastors are available to give helpful life advice and also spiritual guidance if you ever feel like that is something you want to explore.

We also participate in a number of specific programs that provide essential services to our community on a weekly basis...

  • Our playgroups are recognised as among the best in our region, helping families become stronger and supporting parents in their challenges.
  • We have a seniors friendship group, which provides much needed care and social support for lonely and isolated seniors in our area.
  • Paulina, our youth pastor heads up breakfast clubs and lunch time programs in our local schools, helping disadvanted youth, and generating networks and relationship skills in the school environment.
  • Every year, our young people are involved in the RED FROGS missions, helping people who get in difficulty during schoolies celebrations, as well as serving in beach missions through summer.
  • We serve the elderly in our community through chaplaincy to Retirement Homes.
  • Involved in leading Clean-Up-Australia-Day locally.
  • Our facilities are used by several community groups as they contribute to our society.
  • We are in the process of starting a very exciting program for English as a Second Language needs.
  • Plus there are some other new initiatives in the pipeline that we can't tell you about just yet - but as soon as they come on line, we will update you!!