Sydenham Baptist Church
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Welcome to Sydenham Baptist Church!!

sydlogoIf you are looking for a church, or have just moved into the area, then we would love you to come visit us!

We are relaxed and family friendly, and we have ministries and programs to assist most people in their faith.

If you are just curious, or have deeper faith questions, then feel free to contact us, and one of our friendly pastors would love to sit with you over a coffee to discuss the things you are wrestling with.  We won't try to force you to believe anything, and no matter how small or difficult your question, we believe that God is working in your heart, and will respect your personal space and freedom.

To find out what is going on at the moment in the church, you can visit our FACEBOOK page! facebook

For any information about what services our church can offer you, please visit our ministries menu!

For information about our church and pastors, you can visit the ABOUT US menu!

Once again, if you have moved into the area recently, then WELCOME!!  We hope you love your new home in this area as much as we do, and we hope you will find our church to be a great community that you grow to love to be a part of!!