Sydenham Baptist Church
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Everyone has a deep need to belong to a group of caring, welcoming, friendly people who accept and value others. We believe our church is such a place.  We offer a place to connect with other people and develop life-long friendships. At the same time, we provide a place to connect with God.

Regardless of your so-called status in life or ethnic origin, you are valued as a person who shares the same struggles and joys that life brings all of us.

We're family friendly and pretty casual; there are no dress codes or particular rules that have to be adhered to in order to belong to our church. Come as you are and feel free to be yourself!!

Our church services have a relaxed, contemporary feel where we look at everyday issues according to the principles God has given us through the Bible.  Our hope is that through being part of our church you will be inspired, equipped and challenged to live your faith in every part of your life.


Our church serves the areas of Brimbank and Melton, including the following suburbs...